Developers can design their own compute instances in Google’s cloud

Google made a big move to woo developers Wednesday, announcing that they can create compute instances with custom configurations of virtual CPUs and memory on the company’s cloud platform.

The company calls its new feature Custom Machine Types, and it allows users to essentially build their own compute instance to fit an application’s needs. Instances can have between 1 and 32 vCPUs, incremented by even numbers of processors. To that, developers can add up to 6.5GiB of memory per vCPU in an instance (1GiB, or gibabyte, is equivalent to approximately 1.074GB, or gigabytes.)

Using that feature means that users can set up a custom machine with 12 vCPUs and 45GiB of memory that sits in between two existing instance offerings that Google already has available.

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MakerBot boosts desktop 3D printer speed by 30%

3D printer manufacturer MakerBot today announced an upgrade to its machine management and computer aided design (CAD) software that increases printing speed by 30%.

The new MakerBot Desktop 3.8 software also enables one-click printing, which means once a 3D design file is uploaded, it will immediately begin the print job versus waiting for software to slice the object into its multiple layers.

Slicing is the process of turning a 3D design into a 3D printable file by determining how many layers the printer must create to form the object. MakerBot’s Replicator 3D printers will begin the job immediately and continue the slicing process in the background.

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