Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs. S7 Edge: Should you jump off the Note upgrade train?

Samsung’s S7 Edge is a refinement over the S6 Edge and offers many compelling features for all Android fans. If you don’t use your S Pen, then you should seriously consider the S7 Edge.






IDG Contributor Network: Evaluating business intelligence in the cloud


By working on consulting projects related to cloud BI implementations, I have seen firsthand some organizations that are too willing to adopt solutions and leverage cloud based on brand awareness or what their friends and former colleagues at other companies are adopting, and not on a detailed evaluation of their business and technical needs.

Organizations need to not only look at what their business issues are now, but also what they hope to achieve in the longer term to ensure the solution they choose provides the viability and extensibility they require to change and grow with their needs. This requires looking beyond brand or general requirements and towards strategic data driven BI initiatives.

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