In rare unanimous move, House passes bill to protect email and cloud privacy


The U.S. House of Representatives, in a rare unanimous vote, has approved a bill to strengthen privacy protections for email and other data stored in the cloud.

The Email Privacy Act would require law enforcement agencies to get court-ordered warrants to search email and other data stored with third parties for longer than six months. The House on Wednesday voted 419-0 to pass the legislation and send it to the Senate.


The bill, with 314 cosponsors in the House, would update a 30-year-old law called the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA). Some privacy advocates and tech companies have been pushing Congress to update ECPA since 2011.

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IDG Contributor Network: Blockchain technology: hype or reality?


There’s been a lot of coverage in the technology press recently about an emerging technology garnering a lot of interest in multiple industries: blockchain, and it’s ecosystem. There are still some limitations with the technology before it is widely accepted and deployed, but in some industries (for example, banking), initial testing has proven to be successful. Today’s CIO should take a closer look at this technology, as there are some real benefits that are starting to come to light through these tests and initial deployments

Even though there are disadvantages, and gaps requiring closure, the fast developing blockchain ecosystem is addressing these for closure to drive further blockchain adoption and deployment

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GoDadddy CTO and cloud VP heads to Google

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 11.34.35 AM GoDaddy’s chief technology officer – amid a time when the company is expanding its cloud-computing operations – is departing, according to a regulatory filing. Elissa Murphy will be leaving the company later in May. Her departure comes as GoDaddy has begun building out cloud infrastructure, helping it evolve from a simple hosting service to something more robust. These kinds… Read More